Tech Intruder first came to thought in late 2017, and was planned by me, Jeffrey Wiggin, as a small side project for some extra income.  You know, I’ve started many side projects in the past while in high school, and sadly lost motivation while maintaining those projects, as they did not stand out from the rest.

You know, I’ve always wanted to create my own company, be my own boss, and make money while doing it.  My plan is to make Tech Intruder not only a tech-related blog, but it’ll also be revolutionary.  Tech Intruder will be the only place to go for tech related news, tech product reviews, and general how-to articles.  Tech Intruder will also be a brand, and will be known as a brand.

So, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and join us for the launch of Tech Intruder.  Heck, you can even join the Tech Intruder team as a blogger / journalist.

Please submit all submissions / resumes to jeffrey@techintruder.com.  As a Tech Intruder writer, you’ll get your own Email address and your own Tech Intruder T-Shirt.  Together, as the Tech Intruder Team, we will grow Tech Intruder into a community.  You can read about our writers here.